C language function:AccessCheckByTypeResultList sample codes

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TITLE : WinApi
tttuituittttti BOOL AccessCheckByTypeResultList(_In_ PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR pSecurityDescriptor, _In_opt_ PSID PrincipalSelfSid, _In_ HANDLE ClientToken, _In_ DWORD DesiredAccess, _Inout_opt_ POBJECT_TYPE_LIST ObjectTypeList, _In_ DWORD ObjectTypeListLength, _Out_ PGENERIC_MAPPING GenericMapping, _Out_opt_ PPRIVILEGE_SET PrivilegeSet, _Inout_ LPDWORD PrivilegeSetLength, _Out_ LPDWORD GrantedAccessList, _Out_ LPDWORD AccessStatusList).......

TITLE : Example Code for Checking a Control Access Right in an Object's ACL (Windows)
bSuccess = AccessCheckByTypeResultList(.......
TITLE : The Windows secure programming model based on the Windows access control list of the Win32 library with C working program examples
Same as the AccessCheckByTypeResultList() function except that it can generate audit messages for failed or successful access attempts........
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