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TITLE : ISAPI: Memory Mapped Files - FileNotFoundException : The Official Microsoft IIS Forums
bAddAce = ::AddAccessDeniedAce( m_pDACL, // the acl to add the ace to.......

TITLE : WinApi
tuiuiti BOOL AddAccessDeniedAce(_Inout_ PACL pAcl, _In_ DWORD dwAceRevision, _In_ DWORD AccessMask, _In_ PSID pSid).......
TITLE : CopySid function (Windows)
BOOL WINAPI AddAccessDeniedAce(.......
TITLE : 7.3. Windows Security Descriptors - ppt download
Process Object InitializeSecurityDescriptor() SetSecurityDescriptorOwner() SetSecurityDescriptorGroup() InitializeAcl() AddAccessDeniedAce() ... AddAccessAllowedAce() ... SetSecurityDescriptorDacl() Security Descriptor Access Token User SID Group SID Owner SID Group SID Discretionary ACL Access Control Entry (Denied) ... Access Control Entry (Allowed).......
TITLE : c++ - how to use CreateEvent with not null LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES parameter - Stack Overflow
Use InitializeAcl() and AddAccessDeniedAce() to create an ACL that denies the SID of process-1's user account. Use LookupAccountName() or related function to get the user's SID. Use InitializeSecurityDescriptor() and SetSecurityDescriptorDacl() to create a SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR that uses the ACL........
TITLE : 【PB】PowerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION ulong AddAccessDeniedAce(ref ACL pAcl,ulong dwAceRevision,ulong AccessMask,ref Any pSid) LIBRARY "advapi32.dll".......
TITLE : A NotQuiteNullDacl Class
AddAccessDeniedAce( m_pDACL, // the acl to add the ace to.......
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