C language function:AddPrintProvidor sample codes

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TITLE : DeletePrinterDriver function (Windows)
BOOL AddPrintProvidor(.......

TITLE : Inside the Windows Printing System
Curiously, though there are API functions AddPrintProvidor() and DeletePrintProvidor(), there is no EnumPrintProvidors(); instead one must use EnumPrinters() with a special set of parameters:.......
TITLE : 【PB】PowerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION ulong AddPrintProvidor(ref string pName,ulong Level,ref Byte pProvidorInfo) LIBRARY "winspool.drv" ALIAS FOR "AddPrintProvidorA".......
TITLE : TDL4 reloaded: Purple haze all in my brain
Everyone remembers the trick for bypassing HIPS with the AddPrintProvidor() WinAPI function, but this time the technique relies on a new function AddMonitor() for loading the malicious module in the address space of the trusted system process........
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