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TITLE : WinApi
uiuii BOOL AreAllAccessesGranted(_In_ DWORD GrantedAccess, _In_ DWORD DesiredAccess).......

TITLE : GetTokenInformation function (Windows)
BOOL WINAPI AreAllAccessesGranted(.......
TITLE : 【PB】PowerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION ulong AreAllAccessesGranted(ulong GrantedAccess,ulong DesiredAccess) LIBRARY "advapi32.dll".......
TITLE : The Windows Access Control Model: Part 2 - CodeProject
Actually, AccessCheck() requires you to supply a fourth parameter, the GENERIC_MAPPING structure. This structure maps the object specific ACLs (like GENERIC_READ) into object specific rights (like FILE_GENERIC_READ). The reason why AccessCheck() needs a GENERIC_MAPPING is because it makes a call to the AreAllAccessesGranted() function, and this requires you to supply a GENERIC_MAPPING structure. Larry Osterman [^] offers a more complete reason why the GENERIC_MAPPING is required........
TITLE : The Windows Access Control Model: Part 2 - CodeProject
To compare two ACCESS_MASKs, simply NOT one of the ACCESS_MASKs, then AND the two variables together. The result should be zero if you are granted access, otherwise you should be denied. Or you can make a call to AreAllAccessesGranted() to help you. (This API has the advantage of helping you fix-up generic access rights.).......
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