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TITLE : WinApi
ttuii BOOL BindIoCompletionCallback(_In_ HANDLE FileHandle, _In_ LPOVERLAPPED_COMPLETION_ROUTINE Function, _In_ ULONG Flags).......

TITLE : BindIoCompletionCallback function (Windows)
BOOL WINAPI BindIoCompletionCallback(.......
TITLE : Technical Blog for Jim Beveridge: Understanding ReadDirectoryChangesW - Part 2
Great article! I'm working on an implementation of this for a commercial application. We suffer from the 'monitoring many different directories' issue, so your solution seems ideal. During a conversation with a co-worker, he mentioned BindIoCompletionCallback() function as a way of simplifying the code. As always, the documentation is not very clear, so I'm not sure if there is a limitation on using a thread pool which I'm not getting........
TITLE : winapi - How to detect WinSock TCP timeout with BindIoCompletionCallback - Stack Overflow
BindIoCompletionCallback((HANDLE) socket, CompletionRoutine, 0);.......
TITLE : Changing the Default Limit of 25 Threads of the ThreadPool Class
void BindIoCompletionCallback(); // Don't call........
TITLE : Create your web server with http.sys with NTLM authentication | Laurent Dupuis's Home
if(!BindIoCompletionCallback(g_hReqQueue,ServerIOCompletionRoutine, 0 )).......
TITLE : Network Programming with IOCP and Thread Pool – Intro | The Game Programmer Writing
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