C language function:BuildCommDCBAndTimeouts sample codes

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TITLE : WinApi
stti BOOL BuildCommDCBAndTimeouts(_In_ LPCTSTR lpDef, _Out_ LPDCB lpDCB, _Out_ LPCOMMTIMEOUTS lpCommTimeouts).......

TITLE : SetupComm function (Windows)
BOOL WINAPI BuildCommDCBAndTimeouts(.......
TITLE : IMDISK by Olof Lagerkvist - ImDisk - reboot.pro
This should connect to a server end of an ImDisk proxy through COM1. It initializes using BuildCommDCBAndTimeouts() so the syntax to the -f switch is like the mode com command. I have no sample server implementation for COM ports but the communication protocol is the same as over TCP/IP. Again, this is mostly not tested at all so anything could happen (almost).......
TITLE : 【PB】PowerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION ulong BuildCommDCBAndTimeouts(ref string lpDef,ref DCB lpDCB,ref COMMTIMEOUTS lpCommTimeouts) LIBRARY "kernel32.dll" ALIAS FOR "BuildCommDCBAndTimeoutsA".......
TITLE : pinvoke.net: buildcommdcb (kernel32)
static extern bool BuildCommDCBAndTimeouts(string lpDef, [Out] ref DCB lpDCB,.......
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