C language function:CreateMutexEx sample codes

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TITLE : Understanding Win32 "OutputDebugString"
Our feeling is that the real fix requires that Microsoft add a parameter to CreateMutex() - the access mask to use for the implied OpenMutex() if the object already exists. Perhaps someday we'll see a CreateMutexEx(), but in the medium term we have to take another approach. Instead, we'll just hard-change the permissions on the object as it lives in memory........

TITLE : C++ Tutorial: Multi-Threaded Programming II - Thread for Win32 (B) - 2017
Mutexes are created by calling CreateMutex() or CreateMutexEx(). The call returns the handle to the newly created mutex object........
TITLE : Shellcode Techniques in C++ Topher Timzen
HANDLE WINAPI CreateMutexEx(.......
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