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TITLE : CreateUrlCacheEntry function (Windows)
BOOLAPI CreateUrlCacheEntry(.......

TITLE : c++ - Delete a file on 'Cache Clear' in IE - Stack Overflow
IE maintains a database of the files that are in its cache. You have to tell IE about your file so it can be added to that database. Look at CreateUrlCacheEntry(), CommitUrlCacheEntryA(), and CommitUrlCacheEntryW(). Refer to MSDN for more details about working with the IE cache:.......
TITLE : Writing to the Internet Explorer Cache - CodeProject
if (CreateUrlCacheEntry(strURL,0,"htm",.......
TITLE : Writing to the Internet Explorer Cache - CodeProject
Im trying to inject into IE's cache image files and html for later offline viewing. Your project is the 1st example of something close to this i have found, but im still having a hard time. When i view the offline html page none of the images show up. When putting the images in the cache i pretty much follow your example exactly except i change the file extention in CreateUrlCacheEntry(...) and i do not put the "HTTP/1.0.." header info on the call to Commit. Can i get some help please?!?!?!?.......
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