C language function:D3D10CompileShader sample codes

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TITLE : ID3DInclude::Open method (Windows)
HRESULT D3D10CompileShader(.......

TITLE : ID3DInclude::Open method (Windows)
D3D10CompileShader( strPath, strlen( strPath ), "HLSLWithoutFX.vsh",.......
TITLE : Timer In Automation Studio Software
Effect Compiler New Effect Compiler is a rule file that allows you to compile Direct3D / HLSL effect files directly in Visual Studio. The default way is to compile all .fx files at runtime, but as files are getting bigger, compile time increases rapidly. However, in most cases it is not required to recompile the effects every time you run your application. Usually you would call D3D10CompileShader(..) or a similiar function which calls fxc.exe internally. If..........
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