C language function:DestroyPrivateObjectSecurity sample codes

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TITLE : WinApi
ti BOOL DestroyPrivateObjectSecurity(_Inout_ PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR *ObjectDescriptor).......

TITLE : 【PB】PowerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION ulong DestroyPrivateObjectSecurity(ref SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR ObjectDescriptor) LIBRARY "advapi32.dll".......
TITLE : The Windows Access Control Model: Part 2 - CodeProject
When you have finished using the class, call DestroyPrivateObjectSecurity() in the destructor to release the resources. ATL provides no special classes to handle privately secure objects. Therefore, just call the private security APIs directly. And for method 1, privately secure objects are only viable for classes (which is not available in C)........
TITLE : The Windows secure programming model based on the Windows access control list of the Win32 library with C working program examples
Use the CreatePrivateObjectSecurity(), DestroyPrivateObjectSecurity(), GetPrivateObjectSecurity() and SetPrivateObjectSecurity() functions........
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