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TITLE : DrawAnimatedRects function (Windows)
BOOL DrawAnimatedRects(.......

TITLE : windows - How can I stop my application showing on the taskbar? - Stack Overflow
The second mode behaves exactly the same, BUT that task bar icon instead exists in the system tray only. So, when a user minimizes the application, I intercept that message, grab the TRect for 'Shell_TrayWnd'/'TrayNotifyWnd', and call DrawAnimatedRects() to simulate the minimize to the tray. Then I hide the main form. On message from the system tray I draw the same animation rects in reverse, and make it visible again. While the form is visible it does not show in the task bar........
TITLE : 【PB】PowerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION boolean DrawAnimatedRects(ulong hwnd,ulong idAni,ref Rect lprcFrom,ref Rect lprcTo) LIBRARY "user32.dll".......
TITLE : How to minimize a application to the system tray? - GIDForums
DrawAnimatedRects( //draw some animated rectangles!.......
TITLE : User Interface Programming
This monthfs column is devoted to reader feedback and loose ends. The Pocket HTML con-t-rol gets a W2K fix. James Holderness writes in to discuss the strange DrawAnimatedRects() documentation. Daniel W. Mathiasen writes of the evil TerminateThread(). I discuss the right way to handle CBN_SELCHANGE. Neil J. Rubenking inquires about AnimateWindow()fs AW_BLEND flag under Win98........
TITLE : Screen Capture, VC++ Sample, Download Source Code
// ::DrawAnimatedRects(hSavedWnd, IDANI_CAPTION,.......
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