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A good example of a Windows API function that utilizes callbacks is the EnumFonts() function. The EnumFonts() function enumerates fonts available to a given device context. For each font enumerated, the EnumFonts() function will call back to a function in your application, passing back information about that font. This process continues as long as their are more fonts to enumerate, or until your function returns zero, meaning that you wish to stop further enumerations........

TITLE : Documentation issues in Paradox
System type enumFonts() example.......
TITLE : Documentation issues in Paradox
enumFonts() example.......
TITLE : EnumFonts function (Windows)
int EnumFonts(.......
TITLE : 【PB】PowerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION ulong EnumFonts(ulong hDC,ref string lpsz,ulong lpFontEnumProc,ulong lParam) LIBRARY "gdi32.dll" ALIAS FOR "EnumFontsA".......
TITLE : Delphi TRichEdit control
EnumFonts(DC, nil, @EnumFontsProc, Pointer(FontName.Items));.......
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