C language function:EnumPrintProcessorDatatypes sample codes

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TITLE : EnumPrintProcessorDatatypes function (Windows)
BOOL EnumPrintProcessorDatatypes(.......

TITLE : Inside the Windows Printing System
WinPrint is the standard Microsoft-provided Print Processor, and additional processors are often found on a system. They can be queried with the EnumPrintProcessors() API function. Furthermore, each Print Processor has a list of data types associated with it, and queryable via the EnumPrintProcessorDatatypes() API call:.......
TITLE : 【PB】PowerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION ulong EnumPrintProcessorDatatypes(ref string pName,ref string pPrintProcessorName,ulong Level,ref Byte pDatatypes,ulong cdBuf,ref ulong pcbNeeded,ref ulong pcRetruned) LIBRARY "winspool.drv" ALIAS FOR "EnumPrintProcessorDatatypesA".......
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