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TITLE : FindFirstStreamW function (Windows)
HANDLE WINAPI FindFirstStreamW(.......

TITLE : c - Using FindFirstStreamW to find files with Zone.Identifier - Stack Overflow
I have a function which uses BackupRead() etc, however I am a bit of a rookie to this kind of thing and while I've managed to find the stream with this method I was hoping to use FindFirstStreamW() to make life easier, or at least learn more about this in general........
TITLE : c - Using FindFirstStreamW to find files with Zone.Identifier - Stack Overflow
What I'm seeing is lpFindStreamData is set to NULL and stays NULL and FindFirstStreamW() returns0xffffffff which I think I'm safe in assuming isn't what I want. lpFileName is the correct file name, and is the path to a file with an alternate stream........
TITLE : Enumerating Alternate Data Streams - CodeProject
There are two sets of APIs which can be used to read data streams. The first one consists of calling the APIs - FindFirstStreamW() and FindNextStreamW(). This set of functions is quite similar to the FindFirstFile type of APIs. However, the problem is that it works only on Windows 2003!.......
TITLE : More on the Windows OS system file and directory management Win32 C programming tutorials with more C source codes and working program examples practice
Closes a file search handle opened by the FindFirstFile(), FindFirstFileEx(), or FindFirstStreamW() function........
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