C language function:GetCurrentActCtx sample codes

Search sample code in the internet.It is the result.

TITLE : Using the Activation Context API (Windows)
if (GetCurrentActCtx(&hActCtx)) {.......

TITLE : Using the Activation Context API (Windows)
BOOL GetCurrentActCtx(.......
TITLE : Using the Activation Context API (Windows)
TITLE : c++ - Win32. Enable visual styles in dll - Stack Overflow
And I've got my message box but without visual styles. As far as I understand I should activate context when my dll is invoked but MSDN has no examples how to do it. Could you please give me such example or at least explain what is going on in more details? Because I can't even understand why function BOOL GetCurrentActCtx(_Out_ HANDLE *lphActCtx); receives pointer to ACTCTX but has signature with some HANDLE type........
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