C language function:GetIconInfoEx sample codes

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TITLE : WinApi
tti BOOL GetIconInfoEx(_In_ HICON hIcon, _Inout_ PICONINFOEX piconinfoex).......

TITLE : LookupIconIdFromDirectoryEx function (Windows)
BOOL WINAPI GetIconInfoEx(.......
TITLE : winapi - Get HBITMAPs For *ALL* Sizes and Depths of a File Type Icon (C++) - Stack Overflow
The problem is, I can't seem to get anything other than the 32x32 or 16x16 icon. Also, I've looked at GetIconInfoEx() but that function doesn't allow me to choose the icon size that I'm wanting, it just sort of arbitrarily pukes up whatever Windows feels like handing me at the time........
TITLE : c++ - How to convert HICON to HBITMAP in VC++? - Stack Overflow
GetIconInfoEx( hICON , &IconInfo);.......
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