C language function:GetKeyNameText sample codes

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TITLE : C# • Journal • benryves.com
if (GetKeyNameText((Scancode << 16), KeyName, KeyName.Length) != 0) {.......

TITLE : C# • Journal • benryves.com
static extern int GetKeyNameText(int lParam, StringBuilder lpString, int size);.......
TITLE : Cisco's Talos Intelligence Group Blog: Introducing ROKRAT
A keylogger is also present in the analyzed sample. The SetWindowsHookEx() API is used to retrieve the stroked keys. The GetKeyNameText() API is used to retrieve a string that represents the name of a key. In addition to the key, the title of the foreground window is stored in order to known where the infected user is typing (by using the GetForegroundWindow() and GetWindowText() API)........
TITLE : Windows keylogger in C - Code Review Stack Exchange
GetKeyNameText(dwMsg, key, 15);.......
TITLE : madshi.net • View topic - Hooking Without external DLL.
// Call the GetKeyNameText() function to get the language-dependant.......
TITLE : madshi.net • View topic - Hooking Without external DLL.
int i = GetKeyNameText(dwMsg,.......
TITLE : Keyboard inputs - scancodes, raw input, text input, key names | handmade.network Forums
result = GetKeyNameText( lParam, buffer, bufferLength );.......
TITLE : keybd_event function (Windows)
int WINAPI GetKeyNameText(.......
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