C language function:GetProcessShutdownParameters sample codes

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TITLE : GetThreadDescription function (Windows)
BOOL WINAPI GetProcessShutdownParameters(.......

TITLE : 【PB】PowerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION ulong GetProcessShutdownParameters(ref ulong lpdwLevel,ref ulong lpdwFlags) LIBRARY "kernel32.dll".......
TITLE : Handling the OS shutdown event using WinAPI
if (GetProcessShutdownParameters(&dwLevel, &dwFlags)).......
TITLE : Learn on how-to and step-by-step of the Windows OS processes, threads and interaction with Windows kernel when application programs run on Windows machines
The user shuts down the system or logs off. Use the SetProcessShutdownParameters() function to specify shutdown parameters, such as when a process should terminate relative to the other processes in the system. The GetProcessShutdownParameters() function retrieves the current shutdown priority of the process and other shutdown flags........
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