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TITLE : Why does my TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION have the wrong DST cutover date? – The Old New Thing
I have a program that calls GetTimeZoneInformationForYear, and it looks like it's returning incorrect DST transition dates. For example, GetTimeZoneInformationForYear(2010, NULL, &tzi) is returning March 2nd as the tzi.DaylightDate value, instead of the Expected March 14th date. The current time zone is Pacific Time........

TITLE : Why does my TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION have the wrong DST cutover date? – The Old New Thing
Shouldn't GetTimeZoneInformationForYear(2012, &dtzi, &tzi); assume 2012 in *dtzi's sense*, not in the local time sense nor UTC sense?.......
TITLE : GetSystemTimeAsFileTime function (Windows)
BOOL WINAPI GetTimeZoneInformationForYear(.......
TITLE : Get Timezone Information in VBA (Excel) - Stack Overflow
dst = GetTimeZoneInformationForYear(Year(lpDateLocal), lpDTZI, lpTZI) offset = lpTZI.Bias + IIf(lpDateLocal >= SystemTimeToSerialTime(lpTZI.DaylightDate) And lpDateLocal < SystemTimeToSerialTime(lpTZI.StandardDate), lpTZI.DaylightBias, lpTZI.StandardBias).......
TITLE : A Time Zone API supplement
* GetTimeZoneInformationForYear().......
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