C language function:GetWriteWatch sample codes

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TITLE : bdwgc/README.environment at master ivmai/bdwgc GitHub
If n=0 then GetWriteWatch() is not used (falling back to.......

TITLE : VirtualProtectFromApp function (Windows)
UINT WINAPI GetWriteWatch(.......
TITLE : WoW64 Internal Architecture - ppt download
WHDC PowerPoint Template Notes & Handouts Thursday, April 20, 2017 WoW64 Platform-Specific Support WoW64 Feature Support on Win64 Platforms IA64 AMD64 Win32 Virtual DOS Machine (VDM) APIs N/A Physical Address Extension (PAE) APIs Yes GetWriteWatch() API Scatter/Gather I/O APIs Hardware accelerated with DirectX version 7,8 and 9 Software-Emulation Only Microsoft Confidential - Windows Hardware & Driver Central.......
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