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TITLE : SplitSymbols function (Windows)
BOOL ImageEnumerateCertificates(.......

TITLE : How to remove Authenticode signatures from your executables and DLLs | Skippy Loves Malorie
ImageEnumerateCertificates(h, CERT_SECTION_TYPE_ANY, &num_certs, NULL, 0);.......
TITLE : visual studio 2015 - VS2015 Installer Projects - Adds Invalid Microsoft signature to MSIs - Stack Overflow
So annoying - I can call ImageEnumerateCertificates() on an exe but not on a MSI file. ? PhilDW Feb 15 '16 at 23:43.......
TITLE : windows - Checking digital signature programmatically from Delphi - Stack Overflow
function ImageEnumerateCertificates(FileHandle: THandle; TypeFilter: WORD;.......
TITLE : windows - Checking digital signature programmatically from Delphi - Stack Overflow
if (not ImageEnumerateCertificates(hExe, CERT_SECTION_TYPE_ANY, CertCount, nil, 0)) or.......
TITLE : Protecting an Application's Unauthorized Copy - CodeProject
for simplicity reasons. If you are not sure on which index your certificate will be you can use ImageEnumerateCertificates() and check every certificate for your data........
TITLE : Remove digital signature from a file using C# | Fluxbytes
Donft use index 0 for ImageRemoveCertificate(). Get its value from ImageEnumerateCertificates() API........
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