C language function:IsTextUnicode sample codes

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TITLE : Microsoft Notepad - Wikipedia
^ "IsTextUnicode()". MSDN. Microsoft. Retrieved January 28, 2017........

TITLE : WinApi
titi BOOL IsTextUnicode(_In_ const VOID *lpv, _In_ int iSize, _Inout_opt_ LPINT lpiResult).......
TITLE : IsTextUnicode function (Windows)
BOOL IsTextUnicode(.......
TITLE : NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager
nssm doesn't know whether the output from the application will be Unicode or ANSI, so prior to writing the first data to the file, or to rotating, it calls IsTextUnicode() to try to determine the text encoding that's in use. If it (looks like it) is Unicode, nssm writes a UTF-16 byte-order marker to the beginning of the new file so that it will be read correctly when opened with a text editor........
TITLE : c++ - Detect Unicode Character in string - Stack Overflow
if (::IsTextUnicode(ws.c_str(), ws.length(), NULL) == 1).......
TITLE : Archives for June 2006 | schrankmonster blog
And the explanation: Notepad uses as windows system method called gIsTextUnicode()g. In the MSDN Library article on this method you can read:.......
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