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TITLE : Chapter 13. Evaluators and NURBS
The GLU_AUTO_LOAD_MATRIX property determines whether the projection matrix, modelview matrix, and viewport are downloaded from the OpenGL server (GL_TRUE, the default), or whether the application must supply these matrices with gluLoadSamplingMatrices() (GL_FALSE)........

TITLE : Chapter 13. Evaluators and NURBS
If the GLU_AUTO_LOAD_MATRIX is turned off, the modelview and projection matrices and the viewport specified in gluLoadSamplingMatrices() are used to compute sampling and culling matrices for each NURBS curve or surface........
TITLE : OpenGL Changes
Modified gluLoadSamplingMatrices().......
TITLE : glunurbsproperty(3): set NURBS property - Linux man page
gluGetNurbsProperty(3G), gluLoadSamplingMatrices(3G), gluNewNurbsRenderer(3G), gluGetString(3G), gluNurbsCallback(3G).......
TITLE : EDM/2 - OpenGL and OS/2 - All About NURBS
value is Boolean. GL_TRUE means that the NURBS code automatically uses the current projection, modelview and viewport matrices to compute sampling and culling matrices for each curve rendered. GL_FALSE requires the user to specify matrices with gluLoadSamplingMatrices()........
TITLE : Chapter 6. GLU Reference Pages
void gluLoadSamplingMatrices( GLUnurbsObj *nobj, const GLfloat modelMatrix[16], const GLfloat projMatrix[16], const GLint viewport[4]); ).......
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