C language function:ldap_first_attribute sample codes

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TITLE : Programmatic EXTERNAL SASL connection to OpenLDAP | Adam Young’s Web Log
char * attribute = ldap_first_attribute(ldap,entry, &ber);.......

TITLE : Chapter 2 Sample Client
for ( a = ldap_first_attribute( ld, e, &ber );.......
TITLE : ad_ldaptest.c - tests connecting to a Active Directory LDAP server
for ( attribute = ldap_first_attribute(ldap, entry, &ber);.......
TITLE : ldap_first_entry(3) - Linux man page
This pointer should be supplied on a subsequent call to ldap_next_entry() to get the next entry, the result of which should be supplied to the next call to ldap_next_entry(), etc. ldap_next_entry() will return NULL when there are no more entries. The entries returned from these calls are used in calls to the routines described in ldap_get_dn(3), ldap_first_attribute(3), ldap_get_values(3), etc........
TITLE : ldap_first_entry(3) - Linux man page
ldap(3), ldap_result(3), ldap_search(3), ldap_first_attribute(3), ldap_get_values(3), ldap_get_dn(3).......
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