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TITLE : ldap_first_entry(3) - Linux man page
These routines are used to parse results received from ldap_result(3) or the synchronous LDAP search operation routines ldap_search_s(3) and ldap_search_st(3)........

TITLE : ldap_first_entry(3) - Linux man page
The ldap_first_entry() routine is used to retrieve the first entry in a chain of search results. It takes the result as returned by a call to ldap_result(3) or ldap_search_s(3) or ldap_search_st(3) and returns a pointer to the first entry in the result........
TITLE : ldap_search_st function (Windows)
ULONG ldap_search_st(.......
TITLE : Examining Microsoft's LDAP API | Dr Dobb's
At the core of the browsing functions in LdapLib.c is LdapFindCollect() that tests for LDAPv3 and, if available, uses Microsoft's paged results APIs. Otherwise, it falls back to the LDAPv2 standard API ldap_search_st(). LdapFindCollect() dynamically allocates and fills a linked list of LDAP_FIND structures (see Listing One; located at the end of this article), where each list item corresponds to a result page. In the special case of LDAPv2, only a single list item is created........
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