C language function:lineTranslateAddress sample codes

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TITLE : lineTranslateAddress function (Windows)
LONG WINAPI lineTranslateAddress(.......

TITLE : Hottest 'tapi' Answers - Stack Overflow
I used this code example, and it works [DllImport("coredll", SetLastError = true)] extern public static int lineTranslateAddress( IntPtr hLineApp, int dwDeviceID, int dwAPIVersion, string lpszAddressIn, int dwCard, int dwTranslateOptions, byte[] lpTranslateOutput );.......
TITLE : Cisco Unified TAPI Developers Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 8.5(1) - Basic TAPI Implementation [Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)] - Cisco
LONG WINAPI lineTranslateAddress(.......
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