C 言語関数:AccessCheckAndAuditAlarm サンプルコード


TITLE : WinApi
stsstuitittti BOOL AccessCheckAndAuditAlarm(_In_ LPCTSTR SubsystemName, _In_opt_ LPVOID HandleId, _In_ LPTSTR ObjectTypeName, _In_opt_ LPTSTR ObjectName, _In_ PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR SecurityDescriptor, _In_ DWORD DesiredAccess, _In_ PGENERIC_MAPPING GenericMapping, _In_ BOOL ObjectCreation, _Out_ LPDWORD GrantedAccess, _Out_ LPBOOL AccessStatus, _Out_ LPBOOL pfGenerateOnClose).......

TITLE : SetSecurityDescriptorDacl function (Windows)
BOOL WINAPI AccessCheckAndAuditAlarm(.......
TITLE : 縲娠B縲善owerBuilder API Site
FUNCTION ulong AccessCheckAndAuditAlarm(ref string SubsystemName,ref Any HandleId,ref string ObjectTypeName,ref string ObjectName,ref SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR SecurityDescriptor,ulong DesiredAccess,ref GENERIC_MAPPING GenericMapping,ulong ObjectCreation,ref ulong GrantedAccess,ulong AccessStatus,ulong pfGenerateOnClose) LIBRARY "advapi32.dll" ALIAS FOR "AccessCheckAndAuditAlarmA".......
TITLE : The Windows Access Control Model: Part 2 - CodeProject
When you are about to perform an action (i.e. one of your methods are called), you should now make a call to AccessCheckAndAuditAlarm(). You make a call here because if there are any audit entries in the security descriptor, you'll want an audit event to be fired. AccessCheckAndAuditAlarm() requires you to supply information for the audit event log. Once the call has been made, make a call to ObjectCloseAuditAlarm()........
TITLE : A practical and hands-on Windows OS security programming tutorial with code samples and program examples
The AccessCheck() function checks the requested access rights against the rights allowed for the client in the DACL of the security descriptor. To check access and generate an entry in the security event log, use the AccessCheckAndAuditAlarm() function........