C 言語関数:ldap_get_option サンプルコード


TITLE : PHP: ldap_set_option - Manual
Siehe auch ldap_get_option()........

TITLE : PHP: ldap_set_option - Manual
* ldap_get_option() - Get the current value for given option.......
TITLE : ssl - LDAP environment variable only takes affect when PHP-FPM process is first started? - Server Fault
ldap_get_option($con, 0x0032, $extended_error);.......
TITLE : Re: How get more detailed error information than the provided by ldap_er
> If the LDAP handle is being used exclusively for one operation at a time (as it is presumably, since it uses synchronous operations) you can get that message using ldap_get_option() with LDAP_OPT_DIAGNOSTIC_MESSAGE after the operation completed, as already indicated by Howard........
TITLE : Re: How get more detailed error information than the provided by ldap_er
> We already pointed you in the right direction: look at the client tools, they usually do everything is worth doing in what is thought to be the right way. If you want a quick'n'dirty answer, use the synchronous calls. If you want more information, it's a lot of work to collect it using calls like ldap_get_option(), which is basically a workaround. Asynchronous calls are way much powerful. Yes, you'll probably have to redesign and then rewrite your code........
TITLE : ldap LDAP library interface module — python-ldap documentation
ldap.conf(5) and ldap_get_option(3).......