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gzip -S option

gzip -s --report Sample_1_trimmed.fq.gz_bismark_bt2.deduplicated.bam    Run Complete - Cluster Flow report :
gzip -s --report     GEO Accession viewer :
gzip -s -    SWBIS(1) :
gzip -S "" -cdq 'S/Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (US).zip' >    #863008 - failing to load previously-loaded pages of some websites - Debian Bug report logs :
gzip -S ".your_suffix")    Gzip and Bzip2 on Linux :
gzip -S ".zipped" temp.tar    Linux World: gzip: Compressing files using gzip :
gzip -S "_20130113.gz" foo.txt     gzip a directory (URGENT) | Unix Linux Forums | Shell Programming and Scripting :
gzip -S .cz file    gzip command examples ~ Linux IQ :
gzip -S .gz logo.bmp    Logo Bootloader :
gzip -S .gz fred.txt" should produce "fred :
gzip -S .gzip table.txt    Intel® IPP Interfaces :
gzip -S .tgz    From VMS to Linux HOWTO: 設定 :
gzip -S .tmp TARGET    % gzip -dc hoge.tar.gz | tar tvf -% tar cvf - . | gzip -c > hoge.tar... - Yahoo!知恵袋 :
gzip -S .x filename.ext would create a archive by the name of filename.ext.x     Can't install Maple 11 [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums :
gzip -S .zhtml -d -c    Actions (Apache: The Definitive Guide) :
gzip -s 0 -i eth0 port not 22    パケットキャプチャ取得 - Qiita :
gzip -s 600M -D -c     dar(disk archiver)-- usage examples on Linux - Fibrevillage :
gzip -S atz file1.atz    How to uncompress a gzip file with a custom extension? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange :
gzip -s file-to-hide file-to-compress    gzsteg.tar.gz.UUE ≈ Packet Storm :
gzip -S z ./examples/    Re: Batch convert SVG to SVGZ from Dr. Olaf Hoffmann on 2007-04-07 ( from April 2007) :
gzip -S zgz Startup1_2_all.js    How to modify JAVASCRIPT used by Zimbra? - Zimbra :: Tech Center :