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gzip -t option

gzip -t -v "D:\CompressTest\bin\Debug\20100210141142.gz"     Archiving large files - SharpDevelop Community :
gzip -t -v drupal-4.4.2.tar.gz    Urgent---4.4.2 download files are corrupted? | :
gzip -t -v    Intel® IPP Interfaces :
gzip -t -z reports that the file is OK    [ubuntu] How to use gzip on stdout? :
gzip -t " :
gzip -t /cdrom/name_of_image_file.img.gz    Best Of upcommunity :
gzip -t /path/to/file    any big file download results in file error - Ask Ubuntu :
gzip -t to check it So we do the sftp GET    Slow NFS client (gateway) performance - Hortonworks :
gzip -t ))    Solving Error Notifications (runs) — ENA Training Modules 1 documentation :
gzip -t = TEST the integrity of a compressed file    KALI – How to ZIP Files in Linux – The Visual Guide | University of South Wales: Information Security & Privacy :
gzip -t access_log.103.gz    Spontaneous byte change in .gz file :
gzip -t DrumPatterns-x.xx.tgz See how it will be extracted . The root path is "./DrumPatterns" so you can put it anywhere you want :
gzip -t file.gz    gzip command examples ~ Linux IQ :
gzip -t file.tar.gz    compression - how to verify whether a compressed .gz is corrupted or not? - Super User :
gzip -t file2.gz    How to zip, unzip files and directories in Linux / Unix - Kernel Talks :
gzip -t FILENAME and it will tell you if the ARC makes sense to GZIP    ARCWriter (Heritrix 1.15.5-201106092337) :
gzip -t filename    Which Is The Best Compression Tool For Linux? :
gzip -t foo.Z X With -t :
gzip -t foo.Z    README(Japanese) :
gzip -t gzip.txt.gz    Applications 23 - Compression with gzip | :
gzip -t GZIP    expert index :
gzip -T kernel -a 0x8000 -e 0x8000 -d zImage uImage    Xilinx Wiki - U-Boot Images :
gzip -t koji_build -a x86_64 --libvirt --ssh-privkey conf/id_taskotron gzip-dist-git/tests/test_rpm.yml    rLTRN2b720ca61cb8 :
gzip -t linux-libre-3.12.5-gnu.tar.gz    Lzip benchmark :
gzip -t List the files in the archive Syntax: tar -    Linux Basic Administration Commands Guide :
gzip -t myfile.gz    Guide to Advanced Linux Command Mastery, Part 5: Managing the Linux Environment, Continued :
gzip -t oldbackup/    Linux gunzip Command Tutorial with Examples - Poftut :
gzip -t on the collection of files created and saw the warning "decompression OK    Automating partimage with cron - :
gzip -t option to test the files integrity    gzip - How to check if a Unix .tar.gz file is a valid file without uncompressing? - Stack Overflow :
gzip -t paradise_lost.txt.gz    Archiving and Compression | Linux Journal :,4
gzip -T ramdisk -n initramfs -d initrd-noheader.gz initrd    mkimage | The FreeBSD Forums :
gzip -t read1.corrected.fq.gz     tophat2 error: std out broken pipe - SEQanswers :
gzip -t reports:    Luffe - Re: Installing Perl modules with :
gzip -t sda4.aa' produces no error. Testing the file took about 10 minutes     Clonezilla / Discussion / Help:Restoring individual files :
gzip -t share/man/man1/shutter.1.gz    Bug #781235 gshutter.1.gz isn't gzipped.h : Bugs : Shutter :
gzip -t test.gz    Hadoop Lessons: Your Hadoop job might fail due to invalid gzip files :
gzip -t    gzip - Unix, Linux Command :
gzip -t test.tgz    #863008 - failing to load previously-loaded pages of some websites - Debian Bug report logs :
gzip -t the files     gzip archives coming up invalid! :
gzip -t to check the integrity of your file. Uncompress the chunks and concatenate them into a single download file    Downloaded data seems incomplete or corrupted - how can I get help with download problems? :
gzip -t wpaPasswords2.gz say    zcat / gzip error while piping out - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange :
gzip -t XYZ.txt.gz     gzip a directory (URGENT) | Unix Linux Forums | Shell Programming and Scripting :