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gzip -v option

gzip -v ' + f(i) endfor if (nf gt 1) and (j gt 0) then begin alldata = [[alldata] :
gzip -v --best initrd-2.4.21-47.0.1.ELvmnix.img cp -f initrd-2.4.21-47.0.1.ELvmnix.img.gz /root/initrd-2.4.21-47.0.1.ELvmnix.img rm -f :
gzip -v --best pacct.0    disk usage - /var/log/account/pacct is getting too big, where is ckpacct (to cicle/gzip it)? - Ask Ubuntu :
gzip -v --force --best files/markovs/vldb-june2013/    Transaction Prediction Models « H-Store :
gzip -v -1 -c test.mp4 > test.mp4.gz    Linux GZip Compression Tricks - Pantuts | Pantuts :
gzip -v -1 services and press Enter to compress the services file. What was the compression ratio    In this hands-on project, you use common compression ut... | :
gzip -v -9 -n' DOC_COMPRESS_CMD[bz2] :
gzip -v -9"    Google Answers: Exclude directory in tar and zip :
gzip -v -d -S ".gzip" passwd.gzip    Gzip and Bzip2 on Linux :
gzip -v -d    How to zip, unzip files and directories in Linux / Unix - Kernel Talks :
gzip -v -k -f --best    How To Pre-Compress Files Generated By Hugo And Serve Them With Nginx · :
gzip -v -k gzip.txt    Applications 23 - Compression with gzip | :
gzip -v -l : please declare if original name and timestamp is available    Bugs in package gzip (version 1.6-5+b1) in unstable -- Debian Bug report logs :
gzip -v -l foo.gz    gzip - How can I check if two gzipped files are equal? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange :
gzip -v -l json.gz    JAX-RS Tip of the Day: Use GZIP compression :
gzip -v -r -d ASIM_Compressed.gz' followed by 'tar xvf ASIM_Compressed'     ASIM PET Simulator :
gzip -v -t duplicity-full.20150322T220729Z.vol16.difftar.gz    Question #264557 : Questions : Duplicity :
gzip -v "D:\somepath\file.txt"    The SNES Classic will load ROMS that are gzip compressed : miniSNESmods :
gzip -v /tmp/foo    NetBSD Problem Report #37944:[patch]: gzip cannot preserve utimes() because it first sets chflags() :
gzip -v < /proc/uptime") mempty :: IO [Chunk ByteString]) :: IO (ExitCode     process-extras: Process extras :
gzip -v < /tmp/sortcol.tar > /tmp/sortcol.tar.gz    What’s GNU, Part Six: tar :
gzip -v = VERBOSE    KALI – How to ZIP Files in Linux – The Visual Guide | University of South Wales: Information Security & Privacy :
gzip -v > ../noweb- :
gzip -v > /d/shadow/config.tar.gz :
gzip -v > /run/media/logan/Passport/20141126_old_downstairs.img.gz    Backup external drive to image using pv - Logan Marchione :
gzip -v > output.gz    mysql - mysqldump to a tar.gz - Server Fault :
gzip -v > processes.gz    gzip, bzip2, 7zip, and tar | Danscourses :
gzip -v >/var/tmp/    Eloquence B.08.20 - dbstore utility :
gzip -v 10    4. File Management - Learning Unix for OS X [Book] :
gzip -V 2> :
gzip -V announce    linux - Unexpected end of file. Gzip compressed file - Super User :
gzip -v backup-file.sql    Import And Export A Database Using Command Line | Paulund :
gzip -v backup.tar    LPI Linux Certification/Make & Install Programs From Source - Wikibooks, open books for an open world :
gzip -v cassandra.hprof    FAQ - How to attach large files to a Support ticket – DataStax Support :
gzip -v chr21.fa    Computational Techniques for Life Sciences :
gzip -v compress.tar    UNIX: Misc. tools :
gzip -v compress_test.txt :驍オ・コ繝サ・ョ繝サ9D・ィ繝サ・ァ繝サ82・オ繝サ・ョ繝サ82%87%87/
gzip -v db.sql    Exporting and importing big Drupal databases | Mike Crittenden :
gzip -v file1    Linuxコマンド一覧 [gzip] :
gzip -v foo)    comp314: project 2: GZIP - "the guide" :
gzip -v mydoc.txt    Gzip Command in Linux - GeeksforGeeks :
gzip -v netspot-v329-us-solaris.tar (-N Can be used to preserve the original file)     :
gzip -V or gzip --version to find the version you have    Gzip for Solaris large files :
gzip -v or zip -v don't do anything. Just returns to prompt    what the hell... why is zip and gzip doing nothing? | Web Hosting Talk :
gzip -v outputfile.sql    Compressing mysqldump output - MDLog:/sysadmin :
gzip -v texinfo.tex': X X texinfo.tex: 71.6% -- replaced with texinfo.tex.gz X X The following command will find all :
gzip -v texinfo.tex':    gzip :
gzip -v texinfo.tex':    Gzip User's Manual - Sample :
gzip -v texinfo.tex':    Info: ( Sample :
gzip -v texinfo.tex    GNU Gzip :
gzip -v texinfo.tex    Gzip User's Manual :
gzip -v texinfo.tex    Sample - GNU Gzip :
gzip -v text1.txt    gzip | :
gzip -v video68b.txt video68b.txt: 64.5% -- replaced with video68b.txt.gz    Linux gzip command summary with examples tutorial :
gzip -V works (it should print out the version number of gzip)    Lecture 22 :
gzip -V     cbbio / miARma / issues / #57 - a strange gzip error — Bitbucket :
gzip -V    461944 – Can "unzip libraries" be updated? :
gzip -V    problem with gzip --list :