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attrib /S オプション

attrib /S +r
    Windows Batch Scripting - Wikibooks, open books for an open world :
attrib /S /D
    tldr/ at master 揃 tldr-pages/tldr 揃 GitHub :
attrib /S /D
     Can't "UNHIDE" Hidden files :
attrib /s /h "OneDrive Temp"
    Move the OneDriveTemp folder Feature Suggestions for Microsoft OneDrive :
attrib /S /D /L -H mydir\
    windows - CMD: How do I recursively remove the "Hidden"-Attribute of files and directories - Stack Overflow :
Attrib /s /d -h -s "C:/path/
    Create a File Attributes Changer / Locker in a C# Windows Application :
attrib /s "+driveName+"\\"+fileName)
    using Windows command line, e.g. to find files on disk | IgorExchange :
attrib /s /d -r -a -s -h yaz enter
    Flash Bellek Dosyalarn Kurtarma: Kesin Cozum | SahteYazlm.Com: Teknolojinin Rehber Sitesi :
attrib /s /d -s -h 'full path'
    Smart USB: Hide a File or Folder in Flash Drive :
attrib /s > C:\attrib_log.txt
    Messages are awaiting backup after a full backup has been completed. :

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