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bcdedit /bootdebug option

BCDEdit /bootdebug - Windows 10 hardware dev    BCDEdit /set - Windows 10 hardware dev :
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bcdedit /bootdebug []     :
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BCDEdit /bootdebug command and specify the appropriate boot component. If you wish to perform kernel debugging after Windows starts    Changing the Default Boot Entry | Microsoft Docs :
BCDEdit /bootdebug command enables or disables the boot debugger for a specified boot entry. Neither of these commands would rebuild a corrupt BCD store. References LabSim for Windows Server Pro: Advanced Services    3.4.5 Quiz - 8(56 PM Exam Report 3.4.5 Practice Questions Section 3.4 Date 8:47:02 Time pm Spent 8:50 Candidate Williams Davina Login dwilliams326 :
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bcdedit /bootdebug you get winload.exe in the debugger on startup: BD: Boot Debugger Initialized Connected to Windows Boot Debugger 8102 x86 compatible target at (Wed Nov 2 15:01:10.192 2011 (UTC - 7:00))    The Art of Bootkit Development - Documents :