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bcdedit /bootsequence option

bcdedit /bootsequence %GUID%    virtualsysadmin | Encore un blog technique wordpress sans slogan! :
BCDEDIT /bootsequence %UID%    Article: Successful Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Windows 7 and how I did it | ITNinja :
bcdedit /bootsequence %VAL%    Set Computer to Boot to WinPE | Eddie Jackson :
bcdedit /bootsequence [...] [ /addfirst    BCDEdit Notes :
bcdedit /bootsequence . See the following article if you need more details:    scripting - Is it possible to script rebooting to another OS once? - Server Fault :
bcdedit /bootsequence [...] [ /addfirst     LK Super 1 click v2 - Cu h t USB/HDD hoan ho (XP/7/8 x86/x64) ALL MAIN (k c Foxconn G31) - Bkav Forum :
bcdedit /bootsequence [...] [ /addfirst    "bcde.bat" - Boot Configuration Data Edit BATch for Windows 7 (OEM_SLP) / PE3.x - BCD Builder/Generator :
bcdedit /bootsequence [...] [ /addfirst    MS-DOS bcedit command help :
bcdedit /bootsequence     recover dual boot after install windows 8.1 :
bcdedit /bootsequence    Windows 10 Disable UEFI disk from booting (boot from usb on reboot) - Super User :
BCDEdit /bootsequence d. BCDEdit /timeout 3. Which of the following commands exports the contents of the system store to a file so that you can use it later to restore the state of the system store    The Art of Bootkit Development - Documents :
bcdedit /bootsequence GUID_OF_YOUR_PE_OPTION" to set it to one-time boot to PE. Otherwise you'll need to run the set of commands that will reconfigure the boot loader to only have PE as the bootable option    How to reboot into windows PE 2.x from a running XP/Vista system - Windows PE - MSFN :
bcdedit /bootsequence ID1 [ID2] [ID3]    How to change the boot sequence in Vista/XP dual boot scenario – Simplifying Azure :
bcdedit /bootsequence IDGOESHERE /addfirstshutdown /r /t 0    Create Shortcuts to Quickly Reboot to the Alternate OS in a Vista/XP Dual-Boot :
bcdedit /bootsequence or bcdedit /displayorder to show your boot configuration. IF Windows 7 isn't listed    Changing msconfig without windows - [Solved] - Windows 7 :
bcdedit /bootsequence parameter does not make any permanent changes to your boot sequence    How to use virtual machines to test Windows 10 Insider builds without risking your system | Windows Central :
bcdedit /bootsequence parameter does not make any permanent changes to your boot sequence    Switching my Windows 7 Boot Disk from D to C with BCDBoot rather than BCDEdit - Scott Hanselman :
bcdedit /bootsequence screen goes blank (light blue color not BSOD)     Cold Boot Startup - Tech Support Forum :