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bcdedit /sysstore option

bcdedit /sysstore    "bcde.bat" - Boot Configuration Data Edit BATch for Windows 7 (OEM_SLP) / PE3.x - BCD Builder/Generator :
bcdedit /sysstore    boot - Bcdedit's /sysstore: What is the "system partition"? Is it the EFI System Partition or the Windows installation partition? - Super User :
bcdedit /sysstore    MS-DOS bcedit command help :
bcdedit /sysstore C: NOTE The device must be a system partition. Note that this setting does not persist across reboots and is used only when the system store device is ambiguous. Chapter 3 Importing and exporting the BCD store BCD Editor provides separate commands for importing and exporting the BCD store. You can use the /export command to export a copy of the system BCD store    Windows Server 2012 R2 Inside Out-Configuration, Storage, & Essentials by William R. Stanek | Bogdan Natarau - :
bcdedit /sysstore C:     :
bcdedit /sysstore s:    Windows 8.1 - EFI install :