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cacls /E option

cacls /e /c /d %username%    [GIF] How To Create Nameless Folders and Files on Windows OS :
cacls /e /c /d %username%    How to Make Folder Inaccessible and Undeletable :
cacls /E /D trisha C:Wamp    Manage user access rights from command line :
CACLS /E /G (domain name)\(service account name) CACLS :
cacls /E /G USER:R • View topic - Windows File/Directory Permissions :
cacls /e /p everyone:f' it also dont grant the permission to anothe user so how can i unlock the folder    messed up cacls command, now I can't access files - Microsoft Windows | DaniWeb :
cacls /e /p everyone:f command to get full access    How to hide or unhide folder with denied access permission by command prompt in Windows | Weblogs :
cacls /E /R user:F")    Pass input to a running process. - C# / C Sharp :
cacls /e /t /G %x     Home Area Permissions :
cacls /e /t /g everyone:f    Defect #13081: mysql err on windows\temp\xxx.MYI when `rake redmine:load_default_data` - Redmine :
cacls /e /t /g    IBM Windows 環境での ALBD 起動失敗に対するトラブルシューティング - United States :
cacls /e for edit will do what you are looking to do. It will edit the DACL in stead of replacing it    Mastering Permissions with icacls.exe Command thru the GUI | Bohack :