Command option Sample:cacls /G

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cacls /G option

CACLS /g :    CACLS.exe :
cacls /G    Icacls :
CACLS /g :    CACLS.exe – Display or modify Access Control Lists (ACLs) for files and folders. | Situsnya WordPress :
cacls /g Everyone:C cp -r xcopy /e /q /h cp -pr xcopy /e /q /h /k /o /x (Win2000 :
cacls /G Everyone:F")    Stopping Unstoppable Malware? - Slashdot :
cacls /G from elevated prompt = c:\cacls /G .\MyShare myuser:w    How to password authenticate only one user in windows 7 Share? - Super User :
CACLS /g username:permission    CACLS :
cacls /g username:right command to grant specific users permissions for files and directories. I am at a bit of a roadblock    windows - Syntax of account names when using the cacls command - Server Fault :