Command option Sample:cacls /P

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cacls /P option

CACLS /P /Y will replace permissions without confirmation    Batch files - FOR loops sample :
cacls /P Administrators:F %USERDOMAIN%\%USERNAME%:F    IBM Worklight V6.1.0 - MAFIADOC.COM :
cacls /P autorun.inf everyone:N cacls /P RECYCLER everyone:N    windows server 2003 - Folders on our server2003-share are being "hidden", replaced by .exe files - Server Fault :
cacls /P autorun.inf everyone:N    Batch script to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive....... Read More : GitHub :
cacls /P autorun.inf everyone:N    How to create antivirus in 60 Seconds | KOSAMKHEDA :
CACLS /p replaces where as /g appends    CACLS - Windows utility modifify access control ACL :
CACLS /p replaces where as /g appends    HOW TO: Delete an Undeletable or Locked File :
cacls /p user:perm - use this to set or deny perms and gauge against    Penetration Testing: Re[2]: Windows Administrator access :