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chkdsk /scan option

chkdsk /scan /forceofflinefix d:     Troubleshoot Storage Spaces parity pool "offline due to critical write failures" :
chkdsk /scan /perf /forceofflinefix %%a    chkdsk-all/chkdsk_all+shutdown.bat at master varhub/chkdsk-all GitHub :
chkdsk /scan /perf c: does put its results in Event Log. It appears Chkdsk itself is in working order    Chkdsk stuck - Windows 10 Forums :
chkdsk /scan /r. Checking both is the same as executing chkdsk /r    How to Scan a Hard Drive Using Error Checking (CHKDSK) :
chkdsk /scan : or Repair-Volume -Scan : in PowerShell    Storage Configurations - Mastering Hyper-V 2012 R2 with System Center and Windows Azure (2014) :
CHKDSK /SCAN after the re-boot    Is my MBR really 'broke'? | Windows Forum :
chkdsk /scan all I get is"Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems. / No further action is required."    Disk errors on Windows server 2016 with deduplication | view topic :
chkdsk /scan and chdkdsk /spotfix. Most files were repaired but I still have 3 that show as being repaired online though they continue to show up as errors in the scan. And there are 3 that say they need an offline repair but a restart doesn't fix them and I can't delete them...guess I just live with that unless I reformat the drive and start clean. Maybe it's time to research a new machine so might not be all bad. Thanks again     run a CHKDSK /B /X on a HDD :
CHKDSK /SCAN and see what it comes up with before doing anything more with it. If it shows a lot of bad sectors and moves a lot of data off of them your hard drive might be coming to the end of its life. Here are the options from the command prompt:    [hard drive] When will my Hard Disk Drive fail on me??? - PC Hardware | DSLReports Forums (Page 2) :
chkdsk /scan at least once a day. You can get some information on that job by typing get-scheduledtask proactivescan    Newsletter #108: CHKDSK 2012 Means "Fear CHKDSK No More" :
CHKDSK /SCAN command may stop responding in Windows 8. The CHKDSK /SCAN command may stop responding in Windows 8 15-May-2013:. Over time    P|y |{ chkdsk 2013, :
chkdsk /scan E:    Repairing disk errors and inconsistencies automatically / Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage, Security, & Networking Pocket Consultant / ( GE / EE - :
chkdsk /scan found no problems and sfc and dism /restorehealth no problems. I don't know what else I can now. Any advice please     Windows found problems with the file system that could not be corrected - Web User Forums :
chkdsk /scan in an elevated command prompt. However    Possible false positive errors from AOMEI Partition Assistant CHKDSK scan? - Aomeitech :
chkdsk /scan in W8 does not reveal any problems found     Contradiction in Disk Doctor Analysis Reports - IObit.Com Forums :
Chkdsk /scan J:    Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces | IT Pro :
chkdsk /scan performs an "online scan" meaning the disk is mounted. The problem must have only been present when the disk was "offline." Doing a chkdsk /f unmounts the drive and fixes issues. That may have been the reason for the weird returns you were getting. This is also the reason your computer had to restart because chkdsk /f took the disk offline. Rebooting places the disk back online    CHKDSK giving different statements? - [Solved] - Storage :
chkdsk /scan runs at low priority several times a day and makes mental notes on stuff to fix later    Windows 8 Archives - Derek Seaman's Blog :
Chkdsk /scan should occur in such scenarios    Redesigning chkdsk and the new NTFS health model – Building Windows 8 :
chkdsk /scan to find the problems and queue them for repair     CHKDSK problem [Archive] - Windows 8 Forum - Windows 8 Forums :
chkdsk /scan to find the problems and queue them for repair     System is reporting drive errors :
chkdsk /scan to find the problems and queue them for repair    Check hard disk for errors :
chkdsk /scan to find the problems and queue them for repair    Fixing Volume Bitmap is incorrect error? - General - Covecube Inc. :
chkdsk /scan to find the problems and queue them for repair    How to Scan & Fix Hard Drives with CHKDSK in Windows 10 :
chkdsk /scan to identify and spot-fix file system corruption    windows 8 - In chkdsk, what is an online scan? - Super User :
chkdsk /scan unexpectedly triggers spotfix. Sometimes spotfix times out    Microsoft’s Windows (Preview) Updates (August 15, 2017) | Born's Tech and Windows World :
chkdsk /scan you will see a screen similar to this one:    31 Days of Our Favorite Things: Gone in 8 Seconds chkdsk in Windows Server 2012 (Part 29 of 31) – Matt Hester's WebLog :