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compact /C option

compact /c "%i"    windows 7 - How to make compact.exe to compress only folders, but not files? - Super User :
compact /C "c:\SomeFolder" just marks the folder so that future additions are compacted: to actually compact the contents use /S: compact /C "/S:C:\SomeFolder"    How to use compact.exe, the default Windows compression, in a batch file - Stack Overflow :
compact /c "full path of file"    How to Compress Files and Folders in Windows 10 :
compact /c /a /exe:lzx "C:\Program Files (x86)\\Tiny Hexer\mpth.exe"    LZX new Windows 10 NTFS compression algorithm – TheITBros :
compact /c /a /exe:lzx "C:\Program Files (x86)\\Tiny Hexer\mpth.exe"    LZX File Compression on the NTFS Level in Windows 10 | Windows OS Hub :
compact /c /exe file    Christian Franke - [PATCH] Fix stat.st_blocks for files compressed with CompactOS method :
compact /c /f zebra.bmp    コンパクト :
compact /C /I /F c:\test    Windowsコマンド集:(compact) :
compact /c /s /a /f /q /i /exe:xpress16k ... I've not seen any performance difference but it saves a lot of space    Compress or Uncompress Windows 10 with Compact OS General Tips Tutorials :
compact /C /S /A D:\backup    COMPACT.EXE to compress files, folders and volumes that use NTFS (via: The Old New Thing – Site Home – MSDN Blogs) « The Wiert Corner – irregular stream of stuff :
compact /C /S /EXE:XPRESS4K /I /F    Windows 10 Compression | Page 5 | My Digital Life Forums :
compact /c /s:"%WINDIR%\Installer" see    Dan Dar3: How to NTFS compress Windows WinSxS folder :
compact /c /s    Compact : compress files from command line (CMD) :
compact /c /s    Compact GUI: Resize your Games/Programs by 60% or more | guru3D Forums :
compact /c /s    I tested 25 games against the Windows Compact function: 51GB more free space, and all the games run with no performance issues. : Windows10 :
compact /c bigfile.txt    Windows NT NTFS Directory Compression - TechGenix :
compact /c c:\    Windows 10 Transparent Disk Compression | - Tablet PC Reviews, Discussion and News :
compact /C command    Less Than Dot - Blog - Compressing files with NTFS compression by running compact from the command line :
COMPACT /C d:\path\fname    Commands :
Compact /c wins.mdb (Note some impressive compression ratios.)    WINS troubleshooing Windows 2003 Server :