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compact /CompactOs option

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compact /compactOS:always command. This command compacts the system binary files. I picked up over 2 gb by doing this. So far I haven't seen a performance difference in what I have been doing. This can always be undone by using the compact /compactOS:never command which unpacks everything. This command and getting rid of unnecessary partitions is the biggest savings in space     HP Steam 11 or 13 Windows 10 low disk space - HP Support Forum - 6032715 :
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compact /compactos:always    GLPC :鬮E鬁E8C・E讁E94C@page=1481539103
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compact /compactos:alwaysThe compression will now start. You can see the finished compression prompt in the window above. You can see details like the compression ratio etc. once the compression has been completed    Compact OS in Windows 10: What it is and How to Enable :
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