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compact /S option

compact /s /c /f /exe:xpress16k changing the directory to what you want. I compressed "Program Files" 97% using that from 2.2GB to 69MB for example. Really quite astonishing    Windows 10 is silly fast, even when compared to Yosemite | Page 6 | MacRumors Forums :
compact /s /c /f /exe:xpress16k( or one of the other options)    Windows 10 Compression | Page 5 | My Digital Life Forums :
compact /s : what you get is the information about the state of the current folder subfolders and files ... if i type it in my ava directory i get this    Compress folders- applications and games- but not movies/videos ( Compact.exe , windows 10 only) ava :
compact /s:"%WINDIR%\assembly" /c /a /i    Windows Server OS « :
compact /s:"%WINDIR%\Installer" /c /a /i    Dan Dar3: How to NTFS compress Windows WinSxS folder :
compact /s:"%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /c /a /i    Compressing WinSxS on Windows – Aslan Brooke's Blog :
compact /s:"%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /c /a /i    How to Clean Up and Compress WinSxS Folder in Windows 8 | Windows OS Hub :
compact /s:"%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /c /a /i    How to Reduce Winsxs Folder Size? | LinkedIn :
compact /s:"%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /c /a /i    windows - Why does the /winsxs folder grow so large, and can it be made smaller? - Super User :
compact /s:"%WINDIR%\WinSxS" /c /a /i    P} - amdamdsoft :