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compact /U option

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compact /u /exe /s:%windir%\winsxs\filemaps    How to install update KB3020114 on Windows 10 Technical Preview • Pureinfotech :
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compact /u /s /i d:    How to revert the compressed attribute on files in Windows for a whole drive - Server Fault :
compact /U /S /i or sort of the same command..    Compress folders- applications and games- but not movies/videos ( Compact.exe , windows 10 only) ava :
compact /u /s    Compact : compress files from command line (CMD) :
compact /U C:\bootmgr    Restore boot manager when it is missing or compressed – :
compact /u c:\tmp    コンパクト :
compact /u file    Christian Franke - [PATCH] Fix stat.st_blocks for files compressed with CompactOS method :