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find -cnewer "roses.txt"    Program Everyday :
find -cnewer ""    commands | UnixDude :
find -cnewer ""    Find Command in Unix and Linux Examples :
find -cnewer ""    UNIX INTERVIEW QUESTIONS :
find -cnewer /etc/fstab -- Changed after    Linux: Tips n Tricks: The Find command cheat sheet :
find -cnewer /etc/fstab    ’nC‰δQ“ž—Ή!, 15˜’D“ILinux find–½—ίŽ¦—α - ‹Z–| - ŒΉ’†‘ŽΠ‹ζ :
find -cnewer /etc/fstab    Find Command in Linux, Practical and Simple Example :
find -cnewer /etc/fstab    July 2014 ~ KodeKnight :
find -cnewer file.txt    find command examples ~ Linux IQ :
find -cnewer foo.iso -print -quit)" ]. Note that this will not trigger if some files were deleted and none were changed or added    rsync - How can I trigger a script to run after the rsyncdaemon received file changes to a certain folder? - Server Fault :
find -cnewer server.xml    find command : 14 Ways to find files in Unix and Linux :
find -cnewer test    grep - Linux: how to display file within the same date - Stack Overflow :