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findstr /A オプション

FINDSTR /A:2F /C:fiona
    Programmer: MS- DOS command  :
findstr /A:0a /S /C:"]-----------------------------------" "Server Started"
    Startup.bat Autorestarts the server after crash | CryMP Network :
FINDSTR /A:2F /C:fiona
    Findstr - Search for strings - Windows CMD - :
findstr /A:color F0"
    Colorize findstr/grep output in PowerShell - Stack Overflow :
FINDSTR /A:0a /C:"Test" /S "Helloo"
    windows 7 - Multicolored Batch File - Super User :
findstr /a "a" x.txt 2>nul
    【.cmd】 バッチファイルスクリプト %10 【.bat】 :
FINDSTR /A /File[Filename] /Path[path]" something generic that i can use as a guide for future use
    [SOLVED] How to have multiple colors in a Windows batch file? :
findstr /A:0a /S /G:"String.log" "
findstr /A:0c /n "IPv4"
    Batch input/output - DOS/PDA/Other :
findstr /a "a" x.txt 2>nul
    【.cmd】 バッチファイルスクリプト %10 【.bat】 :
findstr /a:%1 . "%file%X" nul
    Findstr on server results in "Specify only /L or /R." - :
findstr /a:%
    Add color to console app text output - Macro Scheduler Forums :
findstr /a:0E /s /p /i "\-x
    TSCMD126 FAQ: How do I grep for a line with a tab? Assorted NT/2000/XP/.. CMD.EXE script tricks written by Timo Salmi :
findstr /A:[ColorCode] /S /C:"Text after colored text 1" "Text 1 to color"
    Batch: How to use multiple colors at the same time - YouTube :

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