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findstr /O オプション

FindStr /O "NEXT LINE"'
    CMD-scripts/obfuscate.cmd at master 揃 FrankWestlake/CMD-scripts 揃 GitHub :
FINDSTR /O option. The limiting performance factor is the startup time for the external FINDSTR command and the extra time it takes to launch 2 CMD threads
    stringlength.cmd - just created - for anybody who can use it (Page 1) / Windows CMD Shell / SS64 Forum :
findstr /o (findstr syntax) to measure the length of %allvars%. The second loop uses the string conversion functions to get a substring of one char for the addition (syntax)
    batch file - Loop through a variable and sum its components - Stack Overflow :
findstr /o "[0-9]
    Windows cmd one-liner that finds the default gateway and pings it - Super User :
findstr /O /c:"
    Findstr on server results in "Specify only /L or /R." - :
findstr /o "AnUncommonString"'
    TSCMD126 FAQ: How do I grep for a line with a tab? Assorted NT/2000/XP/.. CMD.EXE script tricks written by Timo Salmi :

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