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rwinsta / id
    How can I clear all the remote desktop session remotely | Ali's Knowledge Base :
RWinsta /Server:MyWinServer 1
    How to logoff remote desktop sessions via command line tools? – ||– Anand, the Architect –|| :
rwinsta /server:SERVERNAME 1
    Another GIS Blog: July 2011 :
rwinsta /server:Alpha 1
    Command Line Kung Fu: Episode #63: Death To Users! :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 3
     Killing open Terminal Services sessions remotely :
rwinsta /server:<>
    Manage RDP Sessions from command line :
rwinsta /SERVER:
    Remove server sessions remotely - PowerShell - Spiceworks :
rwinsta /server:computer01 3
    Daniyar's Tech blog: March 2016 :
rwinsta /server:Ip servidor id_sesion
    Question: How to tshoot: Session is in a down state - Presentation Server 4.5 - General - Discussions :
rwinsta /
    Disconnecting RDP sessions on a Windows(R) machine Marin Atanasov Nikolov A place about Open Source Software, Operating Systems and some random thoughts :
rwinsta /server:%IP% %ID%
    mRemoteNG • View topic - Share your External Apps! :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 1
     How to Kill a TS session remotely - MaximumASP :
rwinsta /SERVER:mywebserver 70
    List and kill remote desktop connections | John Louros :
rwinsta /SERVER:IP
    Windows Commands - Baiju Muthukadan :
rwinsta /server [name of remote machine] [session id]
    Can't connect to terminal services (RDP) | Nathan's Thoughts and Notes :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 1
    Terminal Services: reset Sessions :
rwinsta / n
    remote Archives - :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 3 (IP address of the target server and ID number) - Page 8 of 9 - security hardening :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 3
    Sagi's Tech: November 2007 :
    Is it possible to close remote desktop session on windows remotely? - Server Fault :
rwinsta /server:SERVERNAME ID_NUMBER
    Shannon's JD Edwards CNC Blog: October 2008 :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 1
    Remotely disconnect remote desktop / terminal services users — Shaun Ewing :
rwinsta /server:IP_SERVER SESSION_ID
    Dynamics AX = Denis Macchinetti: 2010 :
rwinsta /server:servername 3)
    November | 2012 | Soyka's Blog :
rwinsta /server:SERVERIP SESSIONID
    kicking / logging out remote windows users? - Super User :
rwinsta /server: to end the particular session
    Reset Terminal Services Session Remotely (Windows 2003, 2008) | sysadminwebsite :
rwinsta /server: " to reset the remote session
    Terry L@u's blog: Query and Reset the Remote Desktop session by Command on Windows Server 2012 :
rwinsta /SERVER:yourservernamehere 1
    The Baking DBA - select * from flour: [RDP] Finding and logging people off from command line :
rwinsta /server: to view and disconnect the sessions
    2000 | The Regime :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 2
     » Blog Archive » One liner commands for windows – cheat sheet :
RWinsta /Server:MyWinServer 1
    Trentent -- One and Only.: 2009 :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 3
    Scott Forsyth's Blog - Managing Terminal Services Sessions Remotely :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 4
    Command line tool to Kill remote desktop connections from XP – Binbert :
rwinsta /server:servername (sessionid)
    Find Users Logged Into Remote Computer – Bradley Schacht :
rwinsta /server:computer01 3
rwinsta /server:server_ip_here id_here
    Random scripts » CodeMeIT :
rwinsta /server:servername n (where n is the id of the user as supplied by the qwinsta command)
    13 disasters for production web sites and their solutions - CodeProject :
rwinsta /server:192.168.X.X N
    Resetting a Terminal Services Connection Remotely :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 2
    What is your most common command line syntax you use - Digital Forensics Forums | :
RWinsta /Server:LabServer1 1
    Terminal Services | PS C:>(Get-Virtual).info :
rwinsta /server:[hostname] [session id] oughta do it
    Happy SysAdm: QWINSTA and RWINSTA :
rwinsta /server:%IP% %ID%
    LazyWinAdmin: August 2010 :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 3
    Server Archives - Miks Blog | Miks Blog :
rwinsta /server:%SERVERNAME% %SESSION_ID%
    How to: do a quick check on who is connected to the server via RDP | Mike's Blog :
RWinsta /server:[Server name or IP] [Session ID]
    List and Disconnect Remote Desktop Sessions via Command Line :
rwinsta /server: ID
    Remote Desktop Error terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections :
rwinsta /server:
    ERROR The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 3
    Managing Terminal Services Sessions Remotely :
rwinsta /server:Server1 %%i
    Loadrunner and Citrix - tips and tricks Part3 | Performance Testing Professional :
rwinsta /Server:MyServer 1
    reddit: the front page of the internet :
rwinsta /server:YOURSERVERNAME 1
    Find Out Who is Logged In to a Server and Kick Them Off - Steve Fenton :
rwinsta /server:IP ADDRESS Session ID
     how to log off a user remotly :
rwinsta /SERVER:%UserInputServer% %UserIdNumber%
     Trying to make batch to kill terminal server session. - Tech Support Forum :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 2
    How to View / Disconnect Remote Desktop Sessions from Commandline | My TechLife :
rwinsta /server:%1 %%i> > The cmd file will take your remote servername as input. i.e. if> you want to reset/logoff all sessions (except console) on server> MyServer
    Using qwinsta to drop terminal services sessions - Windows 2000/NT :
rwinsta /server:*.*.*.* 2
    How to View / Disconnect Remote Desktop Sessions from Commandline - 程序 :
rwinsta /server: server_name session_ID
    How to view and disconnect remote desktop sessions - WindowsCage :

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