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takeown /S オプション

TAKEOWN /S system /F MyShare\Acme
    Need to take ownership of multiple files or folders in Windows Server 2008? | What is ASP.NET? :
takeown /s pc01 /u user01 /f .\testdir /r
    二天一流 – Just another WordPress site :
takeown /s jimswork8 /u Everyone /f c:\test /R /D Y
    command line interface - Is it possible to Takeown.exe of a folder for the "Everyone" user, on Windows - Server Fault :
takeown /s /f \\Fileserver01\sales /u contoso\john /P /r /d y
    Assigning ownership of files and folders with Takeown.exe - ShabazTech :
takeown /s %PC_Name% /f %Windir%\fonts /a
     Issue with implementing group policy to allow users to install Fonts :
takeown /s \\profile-server /f e:\Profiles\%username% /r /d Y
    batch file - CMD - Takeown giving "The data area passed to a system call is too small" - Stack Overflow :
takeown /S [Computer Name] /U [User Name] /F [My Folder] /R /D Y' under Administrator. The output messages showed OK."
    windows 7 - Can't TAKEOWN on C: on Admin account - Super User :
TAKEOWN /S system /F MyShare\Acme
    Wang Pidong's Homepage: 2010 :
TAKEOWN /S system /F MyShare\Acme
    Files are Locked Can't Delete Use TakeOwn EXE and Delete the Files - :
TAKEOWN /S system /F MyShare\Acme
    Fonts Folder Permission - Windows 7 Help Forums :
takeown /s %computername% /u %username% /f "%SystemDrive%\Users\Public\Desktop" /r /d y
    How to take ownership of system files via CMD? Solved - Windows 10 Forums :
takeown /s localhost /u "NT Service/TrustedInstaller" /f "%windir%\winsxs\Catalogs"
    Restore TrustedInstaller as Owner of a File using cmd - Windows Server 2008 - :

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