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takeown /U オプション

Takeown /U User1 1337
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takeown /U cyg_server /f "'
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takeown /U fwd /F c:\opt\fwd\ /R
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takeown /U admin-PC\admin /R
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takeown /u domainname\% .\%i
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TAKEOWN /u requires the TrustedInstaller password
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takeown /U %username% /F %USERPROFILE% /R /SKIPSL (You may also need the /P
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takeown /U %username% /F %USERPROFILE% /R /SKIPSL (You may also need the /P
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Takeown /U User1 1337
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takeown /U %username% /F %USERPROFILE% /R /SKIPSL
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takeown /u TrustedInstaller c:
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