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tracerpt -of オプション

tracerpt -of CSV -o "D:\dns\test_%date:
    Solved: [SmartConnector - Windows DNS Analytics logs] - Micro Focus Community :
tracerpt -of csv ..."
    DbgShell/Debugger.psm1 at master 揃 Microsoft/DbgShell 揃 GitHub :
tracerpt -of xml .\adonettrace.etl
    Diagnosing ADO.NET with ETW traces – :
tracerpt -of xml and look for QueryResults (some results may be empty
    etw - Trace DNS query / answer with Event Tracing for Windows - Stack Overflow :
tracerpt -of xml .\adonettrace.etl
    Diagnosing ADO.NET with ETW Traces - CodeProject :

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